Thoughts about Feed Sharing

    I don’t really like The Old Reader that much. I mark things as read, then they are back again, as if I’ve never read them. This is a waste of my time. I like Feedly, but it lacks the social component I really enjoy with Google Reader. In my head, I’m concocting a plan where I use Feedly (which I like a lot), and then I +1 the things I want to share, then I create a small circle on Google Plus where I share what I like most. I try and encourage others to do the same. I wonder if this would work? I’m writing this on my Tumblr blog because I’m subbed to it on Old Reader and would like to get some feedback from my old GReader friends. So if you can see this, comment. I’m wondering if anyone else things this is a good idea. The other side benefit of using Google Plus is that I can share any links, even ones that I’m not subbed to… I don’t know. Maybe there’s another way. Tell me what you think.

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